Insurance Bets

Insurance Bets For Horse Racing Explained.

What Are Insurance Bets ?

Insurance Bets are where you take shorter odds about a horse. If the horse wins then you win and you are paid out at the odds taken.

If the horse loses but is placed then your stake money is returned. If the horse is unplaced then you lose.

The Insurance Markets can provide a valuable safety net on win bets. They are an excellent alternative to the each way betting markets.

It involves placing just the one single bet as opposed to the each way markets, which effectively involve placing the two bets “Win & Place”.

The Insurance Markets bring a whole new dimension to the Horse Racing betting industry.

You can also take out Faller Insurance, so if your horse should fall then your stake money is returned.

The table below shows the number of runners going to post & the number of places you can insure in a horse race.


5 – 7 Runners 2 Places
8 – 15 Runners 3 Places
16 or more Runners 3 – 4 Places

Which Bookmakers Offer Insurance Markets ?

Bet365, Paddy Power & William Hill all offer insurance markets on daily horse races, but all use different names for their own individual insurance markets.

Bet365 use “Cover Bet”

Paddy Power use “Insurebet”

William Hill use “Insurance Markets”

It is well worth opening online accounts with all three of these bookmaking firms as the odds do vary (sometimes by wide margins).

So it is well worth shopping around for the best available insurance odds.

I would say that all three of these bookmaking firms offer exceptional value in certain races.

It is up to you to shop around between the three bookmakers for the best odds.

As i have already mentioned the odds do vary (sometimes by wide margins from bookmaker to bookmaker).

All three firms really are as good as each other so it is very important to shop around to obtain the best value.

These bookmakers also offer free bets & other fantastic offers when you sign up for an online account.

Below are some screen shots of the bookmakers racecards including their own individual Insurance Markets.


Insurance Bets Bet365 Market 1

Bet365 Insurance Betting Markets Screenshot 1.

Above is a screenshot of a race card from the Bet365 website. You will need to click on the “All Markets” tab which will take you to their Insurance Market (Cover Bet) shown in the screenshot below.


Insurance Bets Bet365 Market 2

Bet365 Insurance Betting Markets Screenshot 2.

Click here to open a Bet365 account

Paddy Power

Insurance Bets Paddy Power Market

Paddy Power Insurance Betting Markets

 Click here to open a Paddy Power account

William Hill

Insurance Bets William Hill Market

William Hill Insurance Betting Markets

 Click here to open a William Hill account

As far as i am aware the Insurance Bets are only available on the online betting markets & not in their betting shops.

It takes only 5 minutes to open an online account & all three firms will put Free Money in your account so it is well worth opening accounts with all three.

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